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HK Epad is the website of famous Aliexpress store: Grace International Import and Export. We mainly supply consumer electronics, such as smartphones

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Why To Use Blogger?

Blogger, Google’s hosted blogging platform, offers what is probably the cheapest cost of entry into blogging. As in zero. Free blog hosting, and you can still make money from it.

imageThe barrier that holds a lot of people back from starting a blog on Blogger is actually another misconception. I’ve heard many people tell me they didn’t want to use the platform because they knew Blogger didn’t let you use your own URL.

A custom URL with is $12-$24 as of this writing –  and they still force you to serve their ads on it. A custom URL with Blogger is $10, and you don’t have to put any ads on your site. If you do put ads there, they’re ads you profit from.

For $10, you get a custom domain for your blog, access to Google Apps (this is useful if you want a professional sounding email address attached to your domain) and all the privacy features enabled. GoDaddy , BigRock and other registrars often charge extra for “privacy,” so the $10 is a bargain compared to the price of registration plus privacy.

There you have it. Free hosting, ads that potentially make you money (if you want to show them at all), and cheap domain registration. All this makes Blogger very appealing to the savvy new blogger


Blogger is an open source platform, in other words we can say it is free.

Professional Templates Support:

You would never feel difficulty in finding a Free Template for your site. Blogger has a wide range of free themes collection.

Comprehensive Widgets:

It has a wide range of free Widgets inventory that enables us to add more spark to our site.

Almost ZERO Downtime:

“Since Blogger was the only service with zero uptime at all. We skipped the chart here. We hope you did not mind. It simply would not have that interesting” – Pingdom qoutes

We do not have to prove that it is the only platform which has zero downtime. It gives to stability and you can always relay with your eyes close.

User friendly Interface:

You do not need any developing skills to use blogger on your site.

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